A fascinating journey through the ritual music of one of Asia’s most ancient and least known spiritual traditions: Bön, the autochthonous religion of Tibet.

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Ancient religious texts trace Bon’s origins back to the figure and doctrines of the Buddha Tonpa Shenrab, who appeared in Olmo Lungring, the invisible realm of light identified with the regions of Central Asia, perceptible and accessible only to Enlightened Beings through the da’ lam, the mystic “arrow way”.

With its wealth of introductory texts and images, this CD provides a rare selection of chants, music and mantras, most of which are connected with the esoteric path of Dzogchen, or Great Perfection.

The authentic gem of this CD – recorded live at the Nepalese monastery of Triten Norbutse in the spring of 2006 – is an extremely rare collective performance of the chö, a meditative ritual of self-sacrifice, as found throughout bönpo tradition.


Track 1. Musical introduction

Track 2. Guru yoga, the receiving of empowerments and blessings from the Spiritual Master

Track 3. The mantra of the Hundred Syllables

Track 4. Producing of Bodhicitta

Track 5. Taking Refuge

Track 6. The offering of the mandala

Track 7. Mantras of purification

Track 8. Chö, the offering of one’s own body

Track 9. The prayer to Sherab Gyaltsan.

Track 10. Invocation of Yeshe Walmo

Track 11. Ten Gye Mon Lam. The wishing prayer for the spread of the doctrine.

Track 12. Dedication of merits

Track 13. The central fulfilment prayer of Tsewang Rigdzin

Scientific researches, recording organisation and supervision: Martino Nicoletti;
Sound engineering and post-production: Roberto Passuti;
Production: Borgatti Edizioni Musicali – Stenopeica – Le loup des steppes;
CD cover photo: Martino Nicoletti.


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